Starting an SAF Club

How do we get started?

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in The Bass Federation’s Student Angler Federation School club program. Student Angler Federation, (SAF) clubs are gearing up for another exciting year of High School Fishing.  There are new and exciting SAF opportunities waiting for you and this program is absolutely FREE to your school!

Here are two documents and a Video that explains High School fishing, how to get started and how to register your club, download them print them out and take them to your school! Just click the link to watch the video.

  1. 2015 SAF Member Benefits

  2. 2015 SAF How To Register Your Club

  3. Click Here To View The Informational Video

The first document tells you and your adult advisor about the benefits of anhigh school club and how to get it started, the second on details how to register your club online! It is that easy!

Review the materials and show them all to a teacher, principal or advisor.  If they can’t help you get started, contact the TBF National Youth Director, Mark Gintert, at for  or  contact TBF by clicking the “Contact” section of the web site.

Here are three important facts to mention:

  • Liability Insurance. Administrators are concerned with students being properly covered during a school event. All members of the Student Angler Federation are covered under TBF’s insurance policy.  $1 million of liability coverage and $25,000 in excess medical coverage protecting not only club members but also the school, and the advisors/volunteers participating in a club event.  This is very important to administrators and also makes the $25 dues an incredible value!
  • Academic Benefits. The educator will want to know how this program benefits students academically.  The video and workbook emphasize the ties between education and fishing. There are practical lessons about math, language arts and science and their applications to fishing.  In addition, 61% of students participating in the High School Fishing Movement that started in Illinois weren’t involved in any other school activity.  The program keeps students active and involved in the outdoors.
  • Cost. It doesn’t cost much to operate a school fishing club, so cost shouldn’t be a concern.  Clubs can also earn all the money needed with our club fundraiser, selling a quality eyewear product from our partners at Solar Bat glasses.  The glasses are affordable, easy to sell, and will generate excellent profit margins.Highlighting these points shows your administrators the program is good for the school and its students.Next, get others interested!  Schedule an after-school meeting, use bulletin boards, email blasts, Facebook and the PA announcements to get the word out.  Show the video at meetings and discuss ideas.  Sign up interested students on a roster including contact info, age, and mailing address.  Then, collect dues and register the club online.  Detailed instructions on registering can be found on our web site under “Forms”.  Next, elect club officers and start scheduling events.  Events can range from pond or bank fishing to conservation events like ramp cleanups.  TBF can also help your club plan a boating tournament.