SAF Membership Benefits

TBF/FLW Competitor Memberships

The SAF membership also includes a competitor membership in The Bass Federation (TBF), and FLW Outdoors for the calendar year, a subscription to the FLW Outdoors electronic magazine, and full benefits and discounts from both organizations, like Insurance!


Insurance Coverage! Every member, boat captain, and SAF club will have insurance coverage for all official SAF school club events.  To include $1 million of Liability coverage, $25,000 Excess Medical Coverage, $1 Million for any allegations of misconduct and $25,000 ‘Amber Alert’ coverage to find a lost child.

Mentor-led Student Angler Clubs

The ultimate goal is to form a Student Angler Federation, SAF club with at least 6 members.  Eventually, joining or forming an SAF club will be required to enter SAF tournaments but not this year. We encourage you to work with and through a local high school; an SAF club can be as formal as a faculty-led official high school sanctioned club or as simple as a parent/sponsor-led after-school club.


SAF is not just about fishing, it is about education – math, science and language arts and how they relate to fishing. SAF events are “no tournament entry fee” events and payout is in scholarships, prizes and trophies, not cash.

Every SAF member and club mentor gets a 9-Chapter lesson workbook, as well as access to Online learning tools and testing with TBF’s partner Faculty of Fishing.

Tournaments/Scholarship Opportunities

State Championships –> Conference Championships –> Nationals

The High School Fishing program will start out with a High School Fishing State Championship for every state in the continental United States and the province of Ontario, Canada. The events will be a two-person team format of high school students grades 9-12, paired with a “coach” of their choice who will provide the boat they compete from. All state championships are only $25 per person. Current TBF SAF high school club members fish for free. The winning team from each state championship advances to a High School Fishing Conference Championship held on a college campus in conjunction with a National Guard FLW College Fishing Regional Championship, where boats and a travel allowance are provided. The winning team from each regional championship advances to the High School Fishing National Championship held on a college campus in conjunction with the National Guard FLW College Fishing National Championship, again where boats and a travel allowance are provided. The High School Fishing National Champions each receive a $5,000 scholarship to use at the university of their choice.

High School Fishing World Finals

All SAF members and High School Fishing State Championship contestants automatically qualify for High School Fishing’s single largest event, the High School Fishing World Finals. All SAF members who have graduated the 8th grade and not yet started college (9-12) who meet the minimum requirements are eligible to enter and fish the High School Fishing World Finals, held in July.  The HSFWF is High School Fishing’s premier open event. In 2012, the winners were offered over $40,000 in college scholarships.

TBF SA Series Polarized  Sunglasses Fundraiser

SAF also has a great club fundraiser!  TBF SA polarized sunglasses can be sold by all SAF clubs to raise funds for your club! At a retail price of only $20 a pair a club can make  $108 profit for every 12 pairs sold depending on models; think of the possibilities!  You can have fun fishing for little to no money just using this fundraiser.   They are QUALITY 100% polarized glasses, made by a long time industry leader special for SAF and easy to sell to friends, family and classmates.

View the Fundraiser Sheet

Sponsor/Partner Programs & Discounts

With their SAF membership number, members can Log on to the members only store to access 11 free online courses with Faculty of Fishing, Buy specific, limited product at a discount, as well as order hats, sunglasses and embroidered items through our Cabela’s partnership.

Recruiting Club Members

Recruiting Members Welcome! And thank you for your interest in The Bass Federation’s Student Angler Federation School club program. To get started in this program there are three simple steps; Step 1- Introduce The Program –It starts with some general information and an introduction video you can show in a classroom or a general student …

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Registering Your Club

How to Register Your Club Online REGISTER YOUR CLUB TODAY!! YOU ONLY NEED 6 MEMBERS TO REGISTER A STUDENT ANGLER CLUB. 1. Collect the full contact info for each student including name, address, birth date, email, phone & last grade completed. (Email is required to receive the electronic magazine.) 2. Collect $25 from each student …

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