Recruiting Club Members

Recruiting Members

Welcome and thank you for your interest in TBF’s Student Angler Federation high school fishing program!

Three simple steps below will walk you through getting started.

Step 1- Introduce The Program –It starts with some general information and an introduction video you can show in a classroom or a general student body assembly. We find that asking a few simple questions before viewing the program video will engage the students in the program. The video can be seen on our videos page or the Bass Federation Youtube Channel here.

The video will show students how fun and interesting the outdoors can be as well as the opportunities created by putting their education to use. All student received a free subscription to Faculty of Fishing online training courses! Which are designed to show students the true importance of their education in a fun and exciting way. Throughout the program we break down the basic elements of their education and show them how those basic educational tools, Math, Science and Language Arts, are necessary in everything they do in life, and how they are used by anglers out on the water every day. We also show some of the career opportunities today in outdoors/fishing. All SAF members also receive as a part of their membership a full years competitor membership and 8 electronic issues of FLW magazine!

Step 2 – After Action Report – After you have shown the video to the student body, we hope there is an interest in starting a Student Anglers Federation fishing club in your school. The students who wish to join can get started learning, putting their educational tools to use, entering the High School Fishing State Championships, the US Conference championships, the high school national championship and the High School Fishing World Finals!  There is tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships available throughout the program as prizes. Any age or grade level can join a Student Angler club and fish the local events, however, only those who have graduated the eighth grade and who have not yet started their first semester of post high school education are eligible to enter a High School Event.

Step 3 – Register Your Club!

This program is absolutely free to your school.

Please CLICK HERE to download the documents to get started right now!